Tale – Personalizable Name Banner (1letter)

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Tale – Personalizable Name Banner (1letter)

Personalizable name banner with mushroom, balloon, ladybird etc...
A lovely present for a new baby, grandchild or child, to display on their wall for many years to come. Suitable for a birthday, christening, easter or christmas gift.

It really would look lovely hanging in a room.
Handmade - Hand sewn by myself with great attention to detail and made to your specific requirements.

I can make the banner in different colours and designs.
Write me
- the name
- colour
- type of decoration (animal, flowers, tales, etc.)

The colorful kite name banner is made for a little boy. I got a message:
The name is Beni. I would like to give a gift to a newborn boy. The wall of his room is green, and he has an animal green bedclothes.

Height of the letters: 20 cm.


Price: 5.00 £

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