Personalized House Number Door Decoration

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Personalized House Number Door Decoration

Send me a short description of the residents of the house (color of hair, pets..etc. ) and I will make your individual house number.

The description of the pictura was the following:

'My parents' adress is Csapás u. 1.. They live near a big lake called Balaton. This is the biggest lake in central europe. My mum has brown midlong hair, my dad has little hair. They have two daughters: me and my sister.
My sister has brown hair, and she usually wears it in pony tails. She has a boyfriend with black short hair. I have curly brown hair and I have a bald husband and we have a little 1-year-old son.'

Size: A4 (8.27 inch x 11.69 inch)

With exterior varnish and outdoor mounting tape.

Material: wood


Price: 9.90 £

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